We have a new contest! We wanted to do something to reward the loyalty of our community and invite them to join our new Youtube channel by creating a contest that would allow us to also reward them for it. So if You ever wanted to know what it's like to create a Tibia Podcast. This is your chance! We ask you to create your parody of El Podcast Tibiano, either in-game or in real life, we are looking for the best parody of the podcast and the three best submissions will be credited with incredible prizes. The main subject is to create your own advertising parody of El Podcast Tibiano and help us invite the community to follow our new Youtube channel in it. You will have from the ss of 9/10/2022 to the ss of 9/11/2022 to send your participation in the special channel "contest-submissions" on our discord after uploading it to Youtube, keep in mind that you must comply with the rules and we reserve the right to disqualify someone who does not meet the parameters of the contest. Pay special attention to each and every one of the rules because that will depend on whether your participation is accepted or not!

  1. Rules: -The contest begins between the ss from October 10 2022 and ends at the ss of November 10 2022. So you can send your participation at any time of these dates. -You must follow our youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAXEAx-cotsffFNH1MpB0mQ) -The participation must be in multimedia format and can include a video in person, an animation, an in-game video, a character edition (machetron style) and you can record it as you want, with your cell phone, webcam, streamlabs, etc. As long as the format is in video, uploaded on Youtube and if it is not in person you must have Voice-over, have a script that goes on with the thematic narrative of the contest and includes promotion to our Youtube channel. Remember that we are looking for the best parody that advertises our Youtube channel, the funniest, most creative. -Your participation must not include explicit content, copyrighted content or content that violates the rules of Tibia or promotes the breach of those, nor can it include content that compromises or offends the integrity and reputation of other people and personal opinions. -The length of the video is limited to 5 minutes, more than that will be invalid. -You must upload your participation to Youtube and send the link through our discord's submissions channel along with your character name. Remember that, while the quality of the video is not decisive, it must have enough quality to be able to value your participation correctly.

  1. You must create original ideas, we will not accept recycled videos from other contests, or participations very similar to those of other participants, the order will be respected and the originality of each participation will be judged based on the moment in which the entries are sent through our discord channel as well as the date on which they were uploaded to Youtube . We reserve the right to remove any participant who enters into conflict with the rules or with other participants, please be respectful of the community and the work of others.

  1. Awards: 1st Place: -Golden trophy of excellence, golden rune emblem of choice and pick between White Lion Doll, Bear doll and Bronze necklace.
    2nd place: Silver trophy of excellence, golden rune emblem of choice and pick between the two items left.
    3rd place: Bronze trophy of excellence, golden rune emblem and the last item from the list.

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